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....survived with no broken limbs....amazing!

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those that know me, know that my sense of balance is about as good as an elephant on a tightrope! So therefore the sub heading is probably making more sense now!

The Place: Sierra Nevadas
The People: Stu, Luke, Jason, George, Al, Stu's dad and Luke's Grandad Terry.
The Dates: 5th to 12th February

Stu had been on for ages bout organising a trip to near where his dad lives in Spain. So after not much organising, but what seemed to be a lot of effort, we set off.
Stu and Jason paid for a full week skiing, but the rest of us, due to lack of money / lack of time off work / never skied before / all of the above only got a 3 day pass.
Our first lessons were on a tiny bit of snow at the bottom of the hill, as the lifts to the beginners area had decided to break down for a few hours.


Luke, being flukey(think that's why his name is Luke!!) picked it up straight away, and George and Al didn't seem to be doing too bad either....me on the other hand...hmmm....well thats a different story! My knees aint the greatest anyway, and because we were on the smallest patch of snow ever, we had to keep side-stepping back up the hill, my knees just wanted to fall off there and then!


We finally got onto the proper beginners slopes, and the others were straight onto the green (very easy) ski runs. I on the othr hand was still trying to figure out how to snowplough and stop. Jason had so much patience, standing in front of me so my skis didn't run away with me. I still hadn't fully figured it out when Luke's Grandad showed up and declared we should all have a break, so Jason and Stu went off to do some proper skiing whilst us newbies had a much needed sit down in the cafe.

Later on, I found out that Luke's Grandad was a "throw you in at the deep end" kind of teacher, well it certainly seemed like that when he took me down a green run without me knowing how to stop or really turn that well, but I guess it worked, as by the end of Day 1, I had figured out how to turn, albeit having to find the shallowest of gradients on the green runs....any steeper than the shallowest and I lost control and ate snow.!

Skiing Day 2, I was getting more confident with the turning, although was still falling over, could manage (slightly) steeper inclines. My two most spectacular falls happened today though....one, I ended up face down, skis still attached, legs in snowplough position (for those that don't ski, imagine the position if you were desperate for the loo, knees together, bum sticking out), the more I tried to get in a better position, the more my legs spread, so much so that Terry had to unclip both of my skis, and even then it was difficult getting up! Number 2 (although I personally think this was my best tumble of the trip!)....I fell over, rolled at least once, both my skis popped off...ok no problem..it's easy to get up...got up....went to put skis back on...realised I have snapped one of my ski poles! Great! Terry was really kind and gave me his, whilst he crried my boken pole and still ok other pole... I was petrified I was gonna break his ski poles too (his weren't rented, as mine were).
My last run down the green slope that day, I only fell over once, but apparently it wasn't a proper fall, it was more of a relax....hmmmm...ok! TBH, it was a stupid loss of control...it was on a really shallow slope, turning, which I thought I had ok, I guess I wasn't concentrating and I ended up on my arse!

Anyway, thats enough for now, I'm getting bored and I think I need to go and say hello to my housemates..... more skiing fun to follow ( will hopefully write it tomorrow (sunday) if not, then monday.

Bye for now

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